Alphastrokes Free Printable Alphabet Flashcards

A boy traces the letter A to learn the correct alphabet stroke order.The (free) printable alphabet flashcards are an excellent visual aid and teaching resource.

Use the alphabet flash cards (and the free printable alphabet cards) in the following ways: 

  • Demonstrate a correct stroke order before students practice writing a specific letter.
  • Students can motion a finger over a flashcard to practice the correct stroke order.
  • Great for games and activities.  For example, students can race to find the correct
    starting position and/or motion the correct stroke order.

The complete printable alphabet flashcards series includes the following:

  • 113 high-resolution flashcards in PDF format, including …
    • uppercase letters
    • lowercase letters
    • uppercase and lowercase letters
    • numerals
    • punctuation marks
  • Each letter, number, and punctuation symbol includes …
    • horizontal placement lines
    • starting position
    • stroke direction arrows

Printable alphabet flashcards demonstrating the stroke order for a letter, number, punctuation mark
The stroke order for each letter, number, and punctuation mark in the Alphastrokes printable alphabet flashcards set


Complete Flashcards Set
Free Alphabet Flashcards
The complete set includes

uppercase letters
lowercase letters
upper and lowercase letters
punctuation marks

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Free Alphabet Cards
Free Alphabet Flashcards
The free set includes

lowercase letters only

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