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Alphastrokes free tracing font TTF iconAlphastrokes free flashcards showing alphabet stroke order
Alphastrokes Font
The best kindergarten font on the web.
Alphastrokes Flashcards
Learn correct stroke orders.
Alphastrokes video showing alphabet stroke orderAlphastrokes free worksheets for learning the alphabet initial sounds and stroke orders
Alphastrokes Videos
Learn stroke orders
with captivating videos.
Alphastrokes Workbook
Learn letters, sounds, penmanship,
and pre-reading.


The Alphastrokes ABC learning preschool font, flashcards, worksheets, and videos (as well as the Alphastrokes free ABC learning resources) provide teachers and parents with the tools to properly introduce the alphabet to young learners.

Each of the Alphastrokes products uses the Alphastrokes font, a kindergarten font specifically designed for teaching children correct stroke sequences and strong penmanship habits. The suite of Alphastrokes products helps children develop letter recognition, penmanship, phonemic awareness, and vocabulary; and these resources are equally well suited for individuals at home or groups of students in the classroom.

Due to the level of detail involved in the presentation of each letter and the methodical approach to the Alphastrokes curriculum, the Alphastrokes ABC learning preschool resources are particularly well suited for young autistic learners, as well as any beginners who are ready for a thorough introduction to the English alphabet.

Learning the alphabet is a critical stage in a child’s development, and it is crucial that this introduction be done properly.

Get it right with Alphastrokes.